How to Prevent Hard Water Stains


Water spots, white crusty stuff, or if you’re really lucky, white crust mountain. I like my water softened, not hard as it makes much less of a mess and feels better on my skin. I haven’t always had soft water so I’m accustom to the lifestyle that hard water brings, which may or may not have included breathing in too many vinegar fumes; it can happen with too much in a small space. Learn from my lesson and do not fumigate yourself from too much vinegar.

Preventing hard water stains is pretty much the same as removing them, spray it down with something that will dissolve the excess minerals and wipe it up, like I did in this fabulous tutorial below.


Step One: Make sure you have signs of future hard water stains or build up.


Step Two: Spray area with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. You may want to use straight vinegar if the build up is bad. Turn on a fan and let the vinegar sit for at least five minutes.


Step Three: Wipe with a microfiber cloth for maximum shine. And then forget to take a full after shot.

Hard Water Prevention

To really prevent hard water buildup, you’ll need to treat surfaces every week and/or dry them after every use. If you don’t treat them every week, then the hard water stains become harder to remove, hence the title hard water build up. Drying the surfaces after every use will help in the prevention, but I absolutely know that it’s not realistic for many of you, including myself.

Happy Cleaning!


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One thought on “How to Prevent Hard Water Stains

  1. This works….I use it every day in my bathrooms & kitchen sink, and my faucets shine…..can’t stand the water marks…..I am a fan of vinegar & water, have a spray bottle made up for both bathrooms and the kitchen…..I know some people say they don’t like the smell of vinegar….it goes away in mins… what is the big deal ?You can spray and walk out of the room and then go back in and there is no vinegar smell…..

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