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How to Clean The Bathroom Quickly

We’ve all been in this position: your husband tells you your in-laws are coming over this afternoon/ your daughter tells you the entire basketball team is coming over after school/ your friends decided that the wine tasting party is going to be at your house tonight. Although your first instinct might be to tell them … Continue reading

Is There a Right Way to Mop?

Is there really a correct way to mop? As with most things, it turns out that there is in fact a correct way to mop. However, if you read my instructions below and find out that you’ve been mopping the “wrong” way for years, it doesn’t make your efforts less worthy. This blog post is … Continue reading

How to Clean House During the Summer

To some, summer means ice cream, days of sunbathing at the pool, summer blockbusters, and fun vacations with the family. But for others, summer means endless cleaning now that the little ones are out of school. So, how exactly do you manage to keep your home clean during the hottest months of the year, and … Continue reading