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How to Clean your Window Properly

Do you know a good way to change your view of the world in just a couple of hours? By deep cleaning your window, that’s how! Okay, enough with the corny jokes and onto some good cleaning tips. Today I’m going to teach you a few tricks on how to get and keep your windows … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Home Odors–Naturally

  There’s nothing worse than walking into your house and smelling last night’s dinner (which was undoubtedly something with onions or fish to make it extra pungent.) You most likely would reach for your store-bought air freshener in this scenario, but you might want to think twice. Although these store-bought air fresheners do make your home … Continue reading

How to be a Mean, Green Cleaning Machine

Okay, so maybe I don’t want you to be mean, but I do want you to be able to know how to clean your home the all-natural way. These days there’s so much emphasis on “going green” that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what it even means. For me, the definition of “green cleaning” … Continue reading

Cleaning with the Immaculate Power of Baking Soda

 In my last entry I sang the praises of the almighty vinegar as a cleaning agent. Sticking with our theme of green and natural cleaning products, I thought I’d take this moment to talk a little bit about my other favorite green, natural cleaning product: baking soda.For all you bakers out there who may have … Continue reading