How to Fold Hospital Corners {Making the Bed}

Fold Hospital Corners

There is nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed, except maybe jumping onto a freshly made bed. Unfortunately, that freshly made bed feel only lasts one night unless you have made the bed with hospital corners. What are hospital corners? Just the fancy looking way to tuck the sheets in to also help keep the sheets on longer.

First have an unmade bed with the sheets on

Folding Hospital Corners on Sheets

It would probably look better if your sheets were not wrinkled like mine but nobody will see it over your comforter. ;)

Tuck in the end of the sheet


Lift the sheet up and tuck in remaining tail

Tuck this fold underneath the first fold. You will need to lift the mattress a little to get this fold tight.



Take remaining sheet and tuck under at a 45 degree angle

Pull on the sheet to get a sharp line like the one below.

How to Fold Hospital Corners {Making the Bed}

I use my hand to help tuck the sheet under itself at an angle as the sheet will typically fall just a little crooked.

Sine I started folding hospital corners on my bed, I almost never have any issues with the sheets coming untucked. That and I feel like I could work at a hotel just making beds with the fancy hospital corners. This also helps make it easier to remake the bed in the morning as the sheets have mostly stayed in place despite the sheet stealing that goes on during the night.

Happy bed making!


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