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A Clean Home Makes a More Productive Family

We all know that cleaning makes us feel good, makes the home look great, and as it turns out, can make us all more productive. Think about it. When your bed is clean, you’re more likely to clean your bathroom. And when you’ve cleaned your bathroom, you’re more willing to fold the towels. When your … Continue reading

How Cleaning (Smart) Saves You Money

  Although cleaning your home may feel like a small expense (with the constant buying of cleaning supplies, cleaning services, and not to mention the invaluable use of time) but it can actually save you money. The old adage that “it takes money to make money” does apply here, but luckily, I know some tricks … Continue reading

How Long Do Cleaning Supplies Last?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a cleaning supply fairy that replaces your supplies when they have surpassed their shelf life and are no longer effective. So, I’ll go ahead and give you the next best thing. I’ve compiled a list of the most common cleaning supplies and made a chart for the shelf life … Continue reading

How to Clean the Bedroom Quickly

This is the fourth blog in a series on how to clean your home quickly. If you’ve missed the previous blogs, check out: “How to Clean the Living Room Quickly”,  “How to Clean the Kitchen Quickly (In Seven Steps)”, and“How to Clean the Bathroom Quickly.” We’re all familiar with this common scenario: one of the kids has … Continue reading

How to Clean the Living Room Quickly

This is the third blog in a series about cleaning your home quickly. If you missed the last two, check out: “How to Clean the Kitchen Quickly (In Seven Steps)” and “How to Clean the Bathroom Quickly.” Whether your in-laws just called and said they were coming for a last-minute visit, or you just found … Continue reading

Is There a Right Way to Mop?

Is there really a correct way to mop? As with most things, it turns out that there is in fact a correct way to mop. However, if you read my instructions below and find out that you’ve been mopping the “wrong” way for years, it doesn’t make your efforts less worthy. This blog post is … Continue reading

How to Clean House During the Summer

To some, summer means ice cream, days of sunbathing at the pool, summer blockbusters, and fun vacations with the family. But for others, summer means endless cleaning now that the little ones are out of school. So, how exactly do you manage to keep your home clean during the hottest months of the year, and … Continue reading

How to Take Care of your Rugs

Whether you have an oriental rug that’s a family heirloom or an area rug that you bought from Pier 1, it can be a little overwhelming to properly take care of it. Rugs can be susceptible to mold, mildew, and dirt, especially those rugs that are in high-traffic areas of the home. So how exactly … Continue reading

What Does it Mean to Go “Green?”

  We’ve all heard about this “green” phenomenon. But what does it actually mean? There are literally thousands of websites devoted to figuring out just what this means, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the most concise definition is: To go green is to live life in a way that is good for the … Continue reading