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Seven Reasons to Have a Clean Home

Have you ever wondered why we feel the need to clean? In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that perhaps that cleaning is an evolutionary trait from our ancestors. The theory is that the less things that were in your way of looking out for predators, the less anxious that we would feel. Luckily … Continue reading

The Psychology of Cleaning

Do you ever wonder why we feel so much better when the house is clean? And do you ever wonder why can’t we relax until all of the clutter is cleared? Recently I read that the reason we feel stressed about clutter and uncleanliness is because back in the days of our ancestors, physical objects … Continue reading

Seven Cleaning Myths: What’s T & F

  Sometimes making your own cleaning concoctions can make you feel a bit like a chemist. You want to find that right balance and that right method of making your house look and feel fabulous. However, I should warn you that when you start to research different cleaning methods and DIY cleaning products that there … Continue reading

What Exactly IS the Proper Way to Vacuum?

Many of you may be saying to yourself, “I didn’t realize there was a WRONG way to vacuum.” Surprisingly, there are several vacuuming faux pas, which I will get into a little later. Regular vacuuming is the single best way to keep your carpets conditioned to last a long time. Although we may not feel … Continue reading

You CAN Have Stress-Free Holiday Cleaning

  Can you believe the holiday season is here? I know it’s a cliché, but the holidays really are my favorite time of the entire year. There’s absolutely nothing better than getting together with the family, not to mention all of the fantastic food and dessert we get to enjoy. The holidays are a great … Continue reading

Angela Says….Let’s Do this Together

The definition of cleaning, according to Dictionary.com is:   1. an act or instance of making clean: Give the house a good cleaning. 2. Slang: an overwhelming or complete defeat, financial loss, or failure: Our team took a cleaning in yesterday’s game. 3.Informal:  killing Although sometimes the act of cleaning can cause the other two … Continue reading