How to Keep a Home Clean with Indoor Pets

There’s nothing like a furry friend to cheer you up at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, this friend also comes with expensive accessories, vet trips, and is usually the cause of constant house cleaning.

So is there any way that you can have a clean house with an indoor pet? The answer is absolutely. And I’m going to give you a few tips and suggestions.
•First of all, you have to remember to be patient when you have indoor animals. When you get really angry about a ball of hair or a toxic waste-like litter box, just take a minute to remember why you have pets inside the house to begin with. Remember how much joy they can and will bring you, and you’ll start to feel a little better. If all else fails, just look at their cute little face.

•When you have a dog inside the house it is so important to potty train them from the FIRST DAY that you have them. Don’t let your puppy roam free in your house and wonder why they’re always having accidents. It’s your job to make sure that he gets outside to go to the bathroom and if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain, then he’ll definitely let you know that you messed up. Designate a “den” area for your puppy, whether it be in a crate or a bathroom,  and let them know that this is a potty-free zone. Be sure to never yell at your dog when they have an accident, but instead reward them when they do the right thing.

•Keep diets for your cats and dogs simple. Don’t feed them table scraps or human designated food. If you stick to a regular diet and have them on a feeding schedule, you can know exactly when they will need to go outside or when to clean the litter box.

•The most frustrating thing as a pet owner is the amount of hair inside your home. Brush your pets regularly and outside, if you can. The more you brush off of them, the less is on your carpets or your furniture. If you really can’t stand pet hair, then you might want to consider adopting a “hairless” cat, a Labradoodle, a Bichon Frises, or a Schnauzer because they all shed very little. A lizard or an animal inside of a cage is a good alternative for those families who don’t want to deal with pet hair at all.

•When it comes to animal scents, there are many and they are mostly unpleasant. The worst one has to be the litter box, which should be emptied out twice a day and cleaned once every 10 days. You should also replace a litter box once a year to keep things nice and fresh.

•Be realistic when it comes to your pets. They will have accidents and they will get hair everywhere. But that’s why you have KIWI Services. We have specific carpet cleaning methods to eliminate pet stains and odors from your carpets or your furniture.

Trying out these tips will make you a much better and happier pet owner. Now go kiss those furry little heads.

One thought on “How to Keep a Home Clean with Indoor Pets

  1. For a pet lover its really important to clean your house from that pet. Although pets are trained enough for not littering here and there but still there are chance that they make your home somewhat unhealthy. Get suggestion of a vetenary person time to time for keeping your pet clean. Its more chances that your pet can spread some pests also if not taken care properly.

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