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Household Tips and Hints: Top 10 Best Vinegar Tips

Household Tips and Hints: Top 10 Best Vinegar Tips

I love cleaning with vinegar. I do. I really, really do. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties and it’s acidic, making it a great natural cleaner. I have my all-purpose citrus vinegar that I use to tackle almost every mess I come in contact with, which is frequently because someone in my household has perpetually grimy fingers and … Continue reading

The Dangers of Household Chemicals

Have you ever actually read the warning label to see what is dangerous the chemical you’re using? I’m pretty sure I have once or twice and read “blah, blah, don’t swallowed, blah, blah, death, blah, poison control,” all the normal stuff, chemicals with more consonants than we can pronounce. The death warning isn’t a big … Continue reading

How to Go Green at Work

The best part of the “green” movement is that it doesn’t just stop at what we do at home. Going green means that we try to put in effort everywhere we go, including (and especially) work. We spend a large majority of our lives working or attending school during the day and there are so … Continue reading