7 Small Storage Ideas Around the House


Please help me because I think I have an addiction to the Home Goods department at Ross. Every time I go I end up with at least 2 or 3 extra things that I wasn’t planning on getting. On my last trip to Ross I picked up a set of not-so-Air Tight canisters, memory foam bath mat, pillow cases (4th set because I can’t decide on a color), 3 4-pack of bamboo place mats and 2 matching baskets. I only really meant to come home with 1 air tight canister and maybe a basket, but I started having creative storage ideas for the extra basket and bamboo place mats. I managed to resist grabbing a cart or I would have been returning some items today.

  1. Place mats as wire shelf liners
    I don’t know if you’re particularly fond of wire shelving, I don’t hate it but it is functional; unless I’m trying to stack small items that like to fall over from the gaps in the wires. Place mats easily fix that problem without having to buy those pretty yet expensive baskets. I purchased these bamboo place mats at Ross for about a $1 each. Perfectly pretty? Not so much. A more functional space? 100 times yes.
  2. Cabinet door basket for for dish cloths and towels
    Whether it’s a lack of drawer space or practicality, hang a basket with command hooks or screws to the inside of the sink cabinet for easy access to your dish cloths or sponges.
  3. Wire shelf for extra freezer/refrigerator space
    I will never understand why all freezers do not come with at least one shelf. Lower end/apartment freezers are unfortunately small, but you can easily expand your freezing space by adding a wire shelf intended for plates. Pull out that extra butter without upsetting the balance of the bag of frozen chicken breasts.
  4. Printer Closet
    Having a designated computer desk isn’t as practical for some, I’m happier using my laptop while sitting on the couch than at a desk. Storing the printer, and shredder in this case, in the closet is a great way to get rid of a bulky cabinet to hold what seems to be an abnormally large, rarely used, eyesore of a printer.
  5. Mini spring rod to hold cleaning solutions
    Elevate your spray cleaners with a spring rod to create some space for easy access to extra cleaning cloths, sponges and other miscellaneous cleaning supplies.
  6. Electronic Basket
    I know I’m not the first to recommend this idea, but goodness do I love it. Easily find your remotes and extra gaming things (only if you remember to put them away) while taming the TV area of clutter.
    storage solutions for small spaces
  7. Under the cabinet wire drawer
    Probably one of my favorite purchases is this wire basket drawer from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s perfect for holding your extra toiletries, make up, or cleaning supplies. The drawer feature of this storage solution makes the basket reasonable for deep cabinets when you just want to pull out the item that you need.
storage solutions

Or extra microfiber cloths as I can’t remember exactly what it is that I’m suppose to be taking pictures of. I do have one with extra toiletries in the basket part.


I believe that storage solutions should always be functional over pretty, but it’s always a plus if it works out that way. For some spaces I prefer to see everything so I can remember where I put it, while others I prefer to hide.


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7 thoughts on “7 Small Storage Ideas Around the House

  1. I like your storage ideas. I use a basket similar to yours to store my remotes, but I have so many now I need a bigger one! Lol. Visiting you from Thrifty Thursday…and a like on FB!

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