How to Clean a Lampshade in 5 Seconds


Today’s post is brought to you by beautiful sunlight allowing for good photos and the realization that my house is a little dustier than I expected. When I say a little dustier I mean dusty enough that you can draw pictures on those surfaces. Like this one:

Clean a Lampshade

Okay so I’m not an artist.

While I dust the hard surfaces with my microfiber duster, I use a different little tool to clean the lampshades in 5 seconds. Enter my favorite multipurpose tool: the lint roller.


You can use the technique shown in this photo to move the lint roller up and down until the dust is removed or you can hold it the other way (parallel is the word I’m looking for, I think) and move the lint roller in a circle around the lampshade. While you’re moving the lint roller around the lampshade, use your other hand to hold the shade steady, it helps if you’re not holding a camera and trying to take a good picture at the right angle. :)

Just take a look at some of the dust and other stuff that came off of this seemingly clean lampshade.


There’s fibers, hairs, dust and other little nasty things that I was appalled to find. If you find spots that don’t want to come off, you can take a cloth dipped in warm water and soap and wipe them down. And that is how to clean a lampshade in 5 seconds.

What are your favorite little cleaning hacks?


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6 thoughts on “How to Clean a Lampshade in 5 Seconds

  1. Lint rollers are awesome! Using them to clean lampshades is genius, I wonder what was used before this great idea came along because I haven’t found much success using anything else. I’d like to pass on a couple other ways to use lint rollers: 1) Clean your window screens with them. It’s a lot faster than having to remove the screens to hose them down! 2) Crumb grabber- Even though I use a napkin or small plate to hold my cookie, bar or chips, a few crumbs are still going to end up on the tablecloth, desktop, couch arm or who-knows where else. A few swipes with a lint roller will grab those final pieces of evidence.

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