Makeup Brushes: How to Keep Them Clean


Hello again! I have something I must admit, and no it’s not that I burned my iron again, because I did, I rarely wash my makeup brushes. The horror! I even store my makeup brushes with my compacts, powders and other products. I will remedy that problem sometime this week when I make a brush holder from some scrap fabric I have. Yes, my brushes are gross and old. Some have never been washed because they don’t really look or feel nasty, except my foundation brush.

Clean Makeup Brush

You can see how much foundation the brush absorbs and stores in the bristles.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

You can see how deep the makeup sinks into the brush. I do NOT recommend that you bend your brush bristles like this as it can loosen and deform them.

But here’s the thing, makeup brushes need to be cleaned every week or two to get rid of dirt, old makeup and bacteria. If you don’t then all of that ends up on your perfectly clean face and it can cause acne. Acne=more makeup=dirtier brushes=more acne. All I have to say is clean your makeup brushes every week or so; at least once a month. Cleaning your makeup brushes is super easy and only takes a minute.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Step One: Squirt a small amount of mild soap or shampoo into your hand.


Step Two: Wet the makeup brush and lather it up in the soap.


Step Three: Rinse and repeat until water runs clear.


Step Four: Lay flat to dry.

Optional: Disinfect your brush by swirling it in rubbing alcohol or vinegar for one minute then rinse again. Do not soak or submerge the metal part of the brush as this can cause the glue holding the bristles to dissolve.


Clean makeup brushes work much better than dirty one. I’ve noticed after I clean my makeup brushes my foundation goes on smoother, blends better, and I use less. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been two or three months since I’ve cleaned my foundation brush so I’ve been avoiding using it till now. My eye shadow brushes have never been washed. Ever. I always wipe them on my wrist after using them so they’re “clean.” We’ll have to see how the work now that I’ve cleaned them.


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Do you wash your makeup brushes or just buy new ones?

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16 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes: How to Keep Them Clean

  1. I keep my makeup brushes washed and clean, even the eye shadow brushes. They work better when clean and I find the eye shadows are their true colors going on and not muted.

    • I also wash my eyelash/brow comb from time to time because it gets gross too. I’ve been using my freshly cleaned brushes a lot over the weekend and the difference is amazing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I just buy new ones,hahaha!! I will definitely need to try this. It’s very simple. Which method keeps the brush staying soft?

  3. I tried soap with my foundation brush but I use it for BB Cream and it won’t come off, and I don’t want to wreck my brush by scrubbing and rubbing it too much trying to figure it out…help! lol

    • From my research on the internet, I would try using makeup remover on your brush. I’ve used make up remover before on my brush, only to remove foundation, and it did not harm my brush at all. Gently work the remover into your brush like your painting instead of scrubbing and hopefully it’ll work. I hope this helps!

  4. Such a simple thing to do, yet we feel we don’t have the time to do it! You’ve motivated me to get in there & JUST DO IT!

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