Cleaning Experiments


Hey wonderful readers! Sorry, this post won’t be a “How To” post but it will have a funny story. I have a few cleaning experiments up my sleeve that will be ready soon. I tested a miracle whitening solution out last night, a trial run to see if I really needed all of the ingredients. I was putting the last few ingredients in and started the washing machine when Husband stopped by to see what I was doing.

Husband: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m experimenting. I’m trying to whiten the whites.”

H: “They’re already white.”

M: “No, they’re a little dingy and sad looking.”

H: Gives me a funny look. “What did you put in there?”

M: “Just some stuff…”

H: Looks at me.

M: “Oxyclean, baking soda, detergent…bleach…and dishwashing detergent.”

H: Deer in the headlights look then looks at washer and slightly panics. “It’s going to run for two hours? It’s on sanitary. Why is it on sanitary? And an extra rinse?!”

M: Laughs. “It’s fine, it’s going to be fine. I need it to run that long to make this whitening solution work.”

H: Sad puppy eyes. “So it’ll be done at 10:00 pm?”

M: “Yes, I’ll stay up and put it in the dryer. It’ll be fine.” I pat his arm.

H: Shakes his head and walks towards the sound of ESPN and mutters something about water and electricity.

Silly husband, thinking dingy is the new white. Sometimes, he thinks I’m crazy and it’s true. But that’s why he married me. As for the cleaning solution, it worked pretty well to get the light dingy out, but I should probably follow the recipe to get the dark dingy out. I think I have some yellow pillows I can try it out on this weekend so watch for that next week.

Happy Cleaning!

Does your significant other look at you like a crazy when you try something new?

7 thoughts on “Cleaning Experiments

  1. LOL – this made me laugh! My sweetie looks at me like I’m crazy all the time! ;-)

    Thanks for linking up at our Pinterest Power Party!


  2. Trying things like this is what creates great ideas. In our house it’s usually me looking at my husband like he’s crazy with his “brainstorms”. They usually end in a big mess that doesn’t work out though. Thanks for sharing & linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

  3. My husband definitely looks at me like I’m crazy – a lot!!! Best example is when I suggested we try to do “elimination communication” with our then-4-month-old daughter. But it worked, so who’s crazy now? LOL

  4. I found an amazing fix for spilled black (yes I said black) loose powder eye shadow on carpet!! I quickly vacuumed all I could an brushed it out with baking soda and an old toothbrush!! It too quite a while but worked better than anything I had tried that would have been wet!!! Just thought I would share!!

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