A Clean Home Makes a More Productive Family

We all know that cleaning makes us feel good, makes the home look great, and as it turns out, can make us all more productive.

Think about it. When your bed is clean, you’re more likely to clean your bathroom. And when you’ve cleaned your bathroom, you’re more willing to fold the towels. When your children see you cleaning, they’re more likely to follow suit and will be more willing to help you themselves.

Today I’m going to write down some simple tips that you can use in your everyday life to make your home a cleaner, more productive one.

Make your family become one of those “no-shoes” in the house families.
Women's shoes, ca. 1935 / photographer Sam Hood

Image via State Library of New South Wales collection

I know that you swore to yourself that you’d never become one of those families, but you have to admit that it is much easier. Leaving your shoes at the door will prevent dirt and dust from coming in and leave you with less to clean.

Make your bed every morning.
Insurance Ad, Boy in Bed

Image via George House’s Photostream

I know, I know. Making your bed is the last thing that you want to do when you wake up, but by making this a habit, it can lead to more productivity throughout your busy day as well as when you get home in the evenings. You deserve to come home to a beautifully made bed every day. Making your bed every day will improve your mood and will get you motivated to do some heavy-duty cleaning.

• Do the dishes every evening after dinner.
De afwas / The dishes

Image via Nationaal Archief’s Photostream

If you make it a habit to do the dishes after every single meal, you’ll never have a dirty dish sitting in the sink. The kitchen is often the center of the home and the busiest room in the house, so keeping this room clean will keep you motivated to keep the rest of them clean along with it.

Do a Load of Laundry every day. 

Laundry opening

Image via The Library of Virginia

Again, I know that it takes time, but when you have clean clothes to wear, your day gets started earlier. Think of all the time that you’ve spent looking for clothes in the morning, scrambling to find one clean blouse. Now, all of that time can be spent doing something else more productive.

Do you have any tips on how to clean to be more productive? I would love to read them in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “A Clean Home Makes a More Productive Family

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  2. I think we would all agree, everyone loves coming home to a clean house… however, nobody likes what it takes to get it that way and definitely i am going to follow all your tips from no

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