Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

We’ve all read articles on ‘how to prepare your family for a new pet,’  but what about preparing your home for your new pet? If left to their own devices, animals can destroy your space, your furniture, and your floors.

I have a few tips to help you manage the welcome of your new furry friend.

• Immediately buy a pet brush. Whether you have a dog or cat, its brush will be your new best friend (next to your pet, of course.) I would recommend brushing indoor cats twice a day, and dogs once a day. Believe me, your furniture will thank you.

• Keep all of your clothes out of his/ her sight. If there is a big pile of clothes on the floor or bed, your pet will probably find a way to either lay all over it, or have an accident on top of it.

• Consider draping a sheet over furniture that your pet attaches to. Rather than busting them of the habit, just cover with a cute throw or slip cover that you don’t mind them getting dirty. Also be sure to check out this great company called Sure Fit Pets. This company creates stylish slip covers that are easily washable and very pet-friendly.

• Consider getting rid of the carpets. If you want easy clean up and have been thinking about changing up your home, adding wood flooring or tile flooring would be an excellent idea when introducing a new pet.

• Keep a carpet cleaning company on stand-by. Remember, Kiwi Services is just a phone call away with three stages of pet stain and odor removal.

Love your little creatures, but don’t let them run the house!

2 thoughts on “Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

  1. We had a Lab who shed pounds of hair a week. We bought one of the robot vacum cleaners and ran it every day. It cut the amount of hair significantly. We only needed to do a deep manual vacum weekly.

    Unfortunately he passed away 5 weeks ago. We still find pockets of hair behind things, under things and in the garage.

    • That’s a great tip to all of the pet owners out there. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Pets are truly special to families, but the great thing is that they’ll continue to live on in our memories, as I’m sure your lab will.

      Thanks for reading!

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