Open the Door to Love with a Clean Home

Ah, Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s the day to celebrate sweet love in all of its splendor. For others, it’s a day to stay inside and away from the world, which seems to have turned into Noah’s Ark because suddenly everyone is paired up.

But whether or not you have a romantic Valentine, it’s a nice day to tell someone, “I Love You.” And what better way to say “I love you” than with a sparkling clean home? Think about it: the last thing your valentine probably wants to do after a long work week is to come home and clean the house on such a special day. Forget flowers and candy–the gift of time and effort is so much more personal!

So when you have the house to yourself sometime this weekend or on Monday afternoon, use the opportunity to power clean. Do the basic cleaning regiment:
-Put away the dishes and wipe down every surface of the kitchen
-Vacuum every carpeted area thoroughly
-Clean the bathroom with some homemade cleaning products
-Make the bed and straighten up the bedrooms
-If you have children or even pets, make sure every toy is in its proper place
-Make the house smell wonderful with some natural fresh scents
-Tackle that huge pile of laundry, and make sure to put everything away

Last, but certainly not least, Valentine’s Day is surprisingly a huge day for professional home care services. If you want to go above and beyond for your valentine, hiring a professional to come clean for a day would be a great gift for anyone. Plus, Kiwi Services is having a “Kiwi Freebie Week” with lots of great giveaways and discounts.

Whatever you do on V-day, I wish you a great one. And for those of you who are anti-Valentine’s day, I hope the day goes quickly without too many singing grams or dressed up cupids getting in your way!

What are your thoughts?

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