The Psychology of Cleaning

Do you ever wonder why we feel so much better when the house is clean? And do you ever wonder why can’t we relax until all of the clutter is cleared?

Recently I read that the reason we feel stressed about clutter and uncleanliness is because back in the days of our ancestors, physical objects could potentially block our view of predators.  (You can imagine what kind of anxiety this could create for the ancient human being.) It kind of puts a whole new perspective on clutter, doesn’t it?

Today,  we (hopefully) don’t have to look out for predators in our homes, but we do have to keep up with the current standards of health according to the government, our neighbors, our families, and our own personal standards. Cluttered and dirty homes can make you feel gloomy, overwhelmed, or even depressed in some cases. Although it may seem like such a small thing, taking care of your home can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

So, what should you do about it?

Start out small. Make a chart for everyday tasks such as dishes, laundry, and cleaning the bathroom. If you break it into little bite sized pieces, then it won’t be this daunting task that’s looming over your head. It’s rare that you’ll get an opportunity to clean the house from top to bottom. Do what you can to achieve a level of “good enough” during the week and really do some deep cleaning over some weekends and vacation time.

And when you’re feeling as if you can’t possibly fold another towel or scrub another tub, just remember how much your peace of mind is worth. You are worth putting in the extra five or ten minutes it takes to complete your tasks. You deserve to come home to a clean, gorgeous space. Remember not to go it alone, either. Make sure your family, partner, or roommate gets involved with the daily cleaning and organizing.

And for the larger projects, such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or air duct cleaning, call a professional like KIWI Services. We’ll always be glad to lighten your load and provide you with a beautiful home.

What are your thoughts?

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