How to Clean your Window Properly

Do you know a good way to change your view of the world in just a couple of hours? By deep cleaning your window, that’s how!

Okay, enough with the corny jokes and onto some good cleaning tips.

Today I’m going to teach you a few tricks on how to get and keep your windows clean. It’s important to keep them sparkling because it can dramatically change the way your whole home looks. Dirty, dingy windows give a dirty, dingy view of the outside and can give a dulled appearance to the inside as well.

So, here’s a few tricks and tips on how to get the windows spic and span!

Supplies needed: white vinegar, lemon juice, empty spray bottle, microfiber washcloths, sturdy sponge, vacuum with attachments, white shoe polish

How to clean the blinds: Blinds are such a pain, aren’t they? No one really likes the look of them, yet they’re a necessity for privacy and shade. They are also one of the first things in the house that dust collects on, and it is extremely noticeable when you don’t make a habit of dusting them.

To clean the blinds, begin with all of the slats facing down. Take your vacuum out and use one of your attachments (I like the brush tool) to vacuum off the dust and dirt. Once you’re done if you notice any spots or stains, grab a warm, damp washcloth and scrub until it comes off. If your drawstring for the blinds is looking a little worse for wear, try to clean it yourself with some good old fashioned elbow grease and a soapy rag. When that doesn’t work, a good trick I’ve used is to coat dingy areas with some shoe polish (typically white, but it depends on what color your blinds are.)

How to clean the window sill:  The window sill and window track are two things that are very noticeable if you don’t clean them often. Dirt and dust stick easily, and even mold has been known to pop up if there’s been a lot of moisture outside. To clean the window sill, start by making a mixture of vinegar and water in your empty spray bottle. Shake well and spray generously on the window sill and window track. Take a microfiber cleaning towel and scrub until it’s gleaming again. Once you’re done cleaning, be sure to wipe up any excess liquid on the window sill.

How to clean the window glass: Now here comes the fun part. Getting a streak-free shine is no easy feat, but it’s easily done when you add lemon juice to the window sill cleaner that you just mixed up a few minutes ago. Spray generously on the glass. Starting in the upper left hand corner, make an s shape while you’re wiping the cleaner off, all the way until you reach the bottom right hand corner. Repeat on the outside pane.

How to clean the drapes/ curtains: Cleaning your drapes or your curtains regularly can make a dramatic impact on the way your home looks. Drapes and curtains can hold a lot of dust and dirt before they start to look dirty. Call Kiwi Services for regular drapery cleanings and our techs will clean the drapes right where they hang. There’s no need to bring them in or send them with us.

So there you have it. I hope I’ve changed your view of the world just a little bit! Happy cleaning!

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