Seven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean (Yes, it’s Possible)

I know we already talked about how to get your kids to clean, but today I want to focus on how to get YOU movitated to clean house. (It sounds more challenging than getting the kids motivated, right?)

There’s just absolutely nothing better than a clean house. It gives you a sense of pride, relief, and gives you the signal that it’s okay to relax. We put so much pressure on ourselves each day and we deserve to come home and watch three hours of Netflix and not feel guilty about a thing. So to help you I’ve gathered up some of the best tips I could think of to really get you motivated and inspired.

Here is my list of cleaning motivation tips:

1. Invite your mother-in-law over for dinner
If there’s one woman that most of us want to impress, it’s our MIL. If
that doesn’t get you cleaning quickly, I don’t know what else will! If you
don’t have a mother-in-law, just invite some friends, neighbors, etc.
Any outside person coming into your home is going to motivate you
to clean because you want them to think your house ALWAYS looks
like that.

2.  Buy something decorative for your home
I love going into home goods stores on Saturdays, imagining what each
item would look like in our house. But if the house is messy, it makes it
a little more difficult to enjoy my new item I purchased. Your
decoration doesn’t even have to be anything big–just get a candle
sconce or a new potpourri bowl. Buy anything that would give you
that extra ounce of motivation.

3. Rearrange a room (or all of them)
This is kind of a big challenge, but you would be amazed at how much
junk you’ll uncover if you rearrange a room in your home. What you
find that you don’t need or want you can donate to charity. Plus, your
new setup should give you the motivation to make it a brand new
inviting place in your home. Sounds like a win-win, right?

4. Clean in your REAL clothes
I think a lot of the time we choose to clean right when we wake up on
Saturday mornings. We skip the makeup, the shower, and everything
else because we just want to get it done. Why not change the order of
things? Get up, get dressed, have some breakfast, put on some makeup,
and THEN start cleaning. That way if something comes up in the
middle of cleaning you can leave quickly and come right back to it.
Plus, being in our pajamas can give us more incentive to just climb
back into the covers rather than folding or washing them.

5. Read a cleaning/ organizing magazine or book
Why do magazines always make us feel so inspired? They just really
make you feel like being a better person with all their little tips, tricks,
and know-how. Reading a cleaning or organizing book or magazine
really does do the trick when it comes to motivation. Just be sure you
don’t get too caught up in the reading material!

6. Give yourself a reward
Do I even really need to explain this one? You work hard and you
deserve to not only have a clean house, but also a gift to yourself
afterwards. Besides, when you’re done cleaning all the bathrooms and
the kitchen you’re going to need that manicure right?

7. Invite a friend to help
This takes misery likes company to a whole new level. Invite your friend
to come over for a deep cleaning session, where they will advise you on
how to de-clutter and assist you with the basic cleaning tasks. The catch?
You have to do the same over at their place.

Don’t forget that when you need assistance with the big cleaning projects like cleaning the wood floors or cleaning out the dryer vent, you can call Kiwi Services in your local area!

Happy cleaning!

What are your thoughts?

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