Angela Says….Let’s Do this Together

The definition of cleaning, according to is:
1. an act or instance of making clean: Give the house a good cleaning.
2. Slang: an overwhelming or complete defeat, financial loss, or failure: Our team took a cleaning in yesterday’s game.
3.Informal:  killing

Although sometimes the act of cleaning can cause the other two definitions, I believe for the purposes of this blog we’ll go ahead and stick with number one.

My life is all about cleaning (see my “About” section.) My husband Hassan and I own a carpet cleaning company called Kiwi Services, and we enjoy every hectic minute of it! But as I well know, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, how big or small your home is, how open your day is, and how many people are living in your home, cleaning can be difficult for everyone.  

Let’s face it: we all want to come home and head straight for the couch, ignoring every piece of clutter or debris on the way there. But it’s just not a healthy way to live. Leaving dirt, debris or dust can be physically unhealthy, but having a disorganized or cluttered home can also be mentally unhealthy.

Just think about how much less stressed you would be when play group, book club meetings or a surprise visit from the in-laws come around and you don’t have to lift a finger because your house is always clean. I know you may not think it’s possible, but you can really be one of those people that you hate–the person who is always pulled together. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can be on your way to having a stress free and clean home ALL the time. I promise.

So let’s do this together and keep this goal. I’ll be here with some great tips and maybe you can share some of your best ones with me. Let’s get our houses in order so we can get back to spending time with the people who live in it.

What are your thoughts?

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